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THE 9th international GREEN

 and sustainable computing CONFERENCE

Technically Co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society & STC Sustainable Computing
October 22-24, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA, US

Student Travel Support

With support from National Science Foundation (NSF), IGSC will provide 8-10 student travel grants (each at $1,000 or actual travel/registration costs, whichever is less) for attending and participating in IGSC.  


Graduate students (both MS and PhD) who are studying in a U.S.A. institution of higher education are eligible to apply for IGSC student travel grants.  The applicants are NOT required to have a paper accepted in IGSC.  However, such applicants must demonstrate that participating in IGSC will enhance and advance their graduate studies.

Application Instructions

Each Application must include:

  • An essay (maximum of two pages) explaining why participation in IGSC will enhance and advance the applicant's graduate studies.  Please include a list of recent publications, if any, including paper(s) accepted in IGSC 2018, 

  • A recently published paper by the applicant that is relevant to theme of IGSC (conference publication or journal), if any; and

  • A letter from the advisor, sanctioning participation in IGSC and acknowledging willingness to support the costs of the applicants’ travel, as necessary, beyond the IGSC student travel support. 

  • Application Deadline: September 21, 2018.

All the aforementioned requirements should be merged into a single PDF file and submitted to Dr. Mahdi Nikdast ( via email.  For additional information and in case of questions, please contact Dr. Nikdast.


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